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Ferrite Components


Especially for EMI suppression for all frequencies above 1 Mhz. All ferrites can be used for the most diverse frequencies.

If you are interested in ferrite-oriented solutions, feel free to take a look at the sample kits that we can offer without obligation. 

For more info see www.Fair-Rite.com

  • Cable components
  • Print circuit board ferrite
  • Flat cable ferrite
  • Chip beads
  • Split core ferrite
  • Round and flat cable ferrite
  • Ferrite rings
  • Ferrite rods
  • Ferrite bead
  • Ferrite Core / Ferrite Cores
  • E /U and I ferrite materials
  • Ferrite tiles for EMC chambers
  • Flexible Ferrite

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In this product category, HF Technology represents the following brands:

  • Fair-Rite