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EMC Chambers / 19″ EMC Closets

  • Radio Frequency Shielding (MRI, EMP, etc)
  • Radiation Shielding
  • Shielded Doors (RF & Radiation) (EMC Deur)
  • Magnetic Field Shielding
  • Helium Quench Pipe Systems (for MRI systems)
  • Advisory and Consultancy Services


We provide RF shielding, also known as 'Faraday cage', to cover a wide frequency range from less than 1 kHz to 40 GHz. EEP installations are used to protect MRI scanners, buildings, rooms, cabins or portable containers. We build and customize according to different levels and performance specifications, as prescribed by the user. For RF shielding, EEP generally uses aluminum or copper (sheet or foil) and under certain conditions galvanized steel to form the Faraday cage.


To function properly, an MRI scanner must be placed in a special room or room that is shielded from radio frequency (RF) interference. Without such protection, the very weak RF signals emitted from the patient during scanning would be overwhelmed. The schematic illustrates the various components required to create a typical EEP MRI chamber.

Faraday's critical cage is constructed using pre-formed aluminum panels, an EEP shielded RF door, and generally a laminated mesh window as well. Together, these elements form a continuous RF screen around, above and below the MRI scanner. Acoustic and thermal insulation is applied and installed behind the decorative plasterboard and is added to the floor and ceiling. Suitable physical access points are provided, including an access hatch in the ceiling and necessary electrical power and data cabling is installed along with various services; all of which are shielded from RF penetration. As a precursor to building the chamber, EEP can also optionally perform a site vibration survey to ensure ground conditions meet limits specified by MRI manufacturers.


The EEP portfolio also includes self-contained shielded modular rooms (cabins) and containers. These are built to different performance specifications and equipped at different levels as determined by the user.


We provide customized solutions to meet customer's express needs. These solutions vary in physical size, shape and construction and include anechoic chambers. For sales and stock information, please contact us.

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