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  • Parker | Chomerics
  • Tecknit
  • Tech-Etch
  • Cuming Microwave
  • Fair-Rite
  • Emikon
  • European EMC Products
  • MPB Measurement Systems
  • 3M Adhesives
  • Mu-Shield
  • Stancable
  • Pre-Filter
  • Skylink Mircowave
  •     Spylock


Welcome to HF Technology

Welcome to the website of H.F. Technology. We provide solutions for your EMC/EMI problems. With more than 20 years of experience, you are assured of professional advice. Many parts are also available from stock.

A small selection of the components to be supplied by us:

  • EMC/EMI components such as knitted metal gaskets, electrically conductive rubbers, Beryllium copper contact springs and materials, electrically conductive adhesives, paints and compounds.
  • EMC/EMI air filter systems, ferrite materials, copper and aluminum foils, thermally conductive materials, radar absorbing materials and stealth technology. 
  • EMC/EMI filter systems, motor filters, (IEC) inlet filters, output filters, PCB filters, 3-phase filters and a wide range of filter systems for medical, industrial and defense

View the entire product overview on our product page. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are also able to advise you with regard to the materials and components to be used. Every EMC/EMI problem is unique. Electromagnetic Compatibility is very complex and requires the necessary expertise. You can count on the knowledge and expertise of H.F. Technology, possibly supplemented with the knowledge of its suppliers, makes almost every problem solvable.

H.F. Technology specializes in mono and multidisciplinary projects, telecommunications, non-residential construction, aerospace, medical technology and the entire defense industry Navy, Army and Air Force. Some examples are: shielded rooms (Faraday cages) transformer housings, antenna measurement rooms, anechoic and semi-anechoic EMC rooms. Complete turn-key projects are taken care of by us and are our concern until the transfer of our customer to the end user.